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The Luo Lab endeavors to maintain a diverse and inclusive environment where all undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, visiting scholars and staff can thrive and enjoy their learning and work opportunities as they pursue scientific research in neurobiology.

In the pursuit of science, our lab aims to foster a collegial and collaborative environment with a strong focus on training and mentorship.

The Luo lab is committed to the following guiding principles to foster an inclusive and equitable lab environment:

  1. We celebrate the diversity of the Luo Lab and firmly believe it makes our lab and science stronger.  Our aim is to learn about the unique ways each lab member’s identities impact their experiences within the science community.
  2. We foster a safe and inclusive lab environment in which everyone feels that they belong and can do their best science.
  3. We value interdisciplinary, collaborative research. At weekly lab meetings and small group meetings, we work collectively to move our research forward and to help each other to thrive.
  4. We continuously educate ourselves on the evolving state of inequity in science and academia, its historical basis, and evidence-based practices for combating these forms of injustice.
  5. We listen when colleagues with identities different from ourselves express concerns or ask for changes, and we will ask questions in an open-minded way to understand how to best respond to those concerns or requests.
  6. We will promote equity in science at our university and in our lab through outreach, mentorship, advocacy, and inclusive hiring practices.