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Joining the Lab

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The Luo Lab offers a welcoming and collaborative environment that places a high priority on professional training and development. We welcome students and postdocs with diverse backgrounds.

The Lab provides ample opportunities for: scientific discovery, mentorship, and career development. 



Undergraduate Students

We usually require a two-year committment (including summers): - ~10 hours per week during the school year (research units) and full time during the summer (10 weeks funded by U-SURB, Bio-X, or undergraduate major grant). This allows you to be trained in experimental techniques and scientific methodologies, and also a chance to make new discoveries.

If you are interested in applying, please  send a) a resume b) a transcript c) a one page statement about your research interest and relevant experience to Prof. Luo at lluo@

Undergraduate Biology Program

Graduate Students

The Luo Lab generally accepts one to two PhD students in the lab each year. Graduate students wishing to explore the lab for thesis research typically start with a quarter-long rotations during their first year. These rotations provide ample opportunities for the students to know the lab and vice versa. 

Stanford Neurosciences PhD Program

Graduate Biology Resources

Postdoctoral Researchers

The Luo Lab generally accepts one to two postdocs in the lab each year.  To apply please email Dr. Luo at with a statement about your research interest and why you want to join the Luo Lab, your CV and references. A subset of applicants will be invited to visit the lab for an interview, where you will give a research seminar, and have one-on-one interviews with Dr. Luo as well as current PhD students and postdocs. After the interview the lab provides feedback on the candidates research and compatibility with the ongoing research goals of the lab.

Postdoctoral Biology Resources